Thursday, May 01, 2008

Five Fun Facts about Copenhagen

1: The drinking age is 16 here (though you'd never know it) and there are no public drinking laws whatsoever. So the public drunken shenanigans here are pretty epic. 

2:  The entire city of copenhagen looks like the world's largest santa village, and everyone bikes everywhere.  They have the best designated bike lanes I've ever seen.

3: Did I mention how much these people party?  Last night at like 1:00am, outside our room: 'AT FIRST I WAS AFRAID!  I WAS PETRIFIED!  KEPT THINKING HOW I'D NEVER LIVE WITHOUT YOU BY MY SIDE... ETC ETC' up at the balcony across the way. 

4: This place is the most interesting marriage of old and modern design that I've ever seen. 

5: The amount of architecture here that more closely resembles 17th century russia than scandinavia is a little bit of a surprise to me.  I really didn't expect Copenhagen to resemble The Czar's Palace quite so much!

In all, Copenhagen is just about the cutest place I've seen on our travels thus far.  It's an amazing place. 

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Ang said...

you had me at "drunken shenanigans".