Monday, February 11, 2008

iPhone vs. Washing Machine - WINNER: IPHONE

Ok, so first off - yes, I am a colossal idiot and accidentally washed my iPhone. It was in the small pocket of my jeans when I was preparing them for the wash, and a quick glance at the table gave me the impression that my iPhone was not in my jeans. The curse of having two iPhones in the house. Later on, when I discovered that was not my iPhone, I pretty much immediately sprinted down to the laundry room, dreading what I was about to find.

Sure enough, right at the bottom of the washing machine: my precious, glorious, unresponsive iPhone. Clean as a WHISTLE, but unresponsive. After my four stages of trauma set in, (horror, disbelief, self-loathing and ennui) and I was lamenting the walk of shame over to the Apple Store to purchase another one, I decided to plug it in - just to see what happened. Well the screen lit up with this actually-kind-of-beautiful pattern, there seemed to be some moisture under the screen. Very similar to when you take a shower with your nice watch on (another proud moment in my life.)

After a little while, it popped up the 'ok idiot, plug this iphone into itunes please' with a 'your phone is broken!! call support' message. So I hitched out a deep sigh, and placed my phone on the bedside table, composing my iphone's requiem in my head.

Fast forward to this morning. I took my iPhone with me to work for some unknown reason, and for shits and giggles docked it. It went through the standard sync procedure, the screen came on, and *FANFARE* - iPhone works! Screen works, internet works, it both sends and receives calls, everything SEEMS to be working fine. There's still a bit of fog on the screen, and I'm hopeful that will work itself out in time. If it starts acting screwy, I'll post some updates... but as of now, works great!

Here's my question: HOW. IN. THE. WORLD. IS. THIS. POSSIBLE?????? MY IPHONE WENT:

At any rate, thank you very much for making such a good product, Apple.