Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alex Loves Sleep Deprivation (and Paris too)

Fun Paris Experiences:
Paris Customs Officers decided to create a queuing system using large tropical plants as barriers. It did not accomplish their goal but instead just alternately tickled peoples' heads and made them jump over them to cut in the lines. 

Getting to Paris at who knows o'clock, according to my body, boarding a train into town and immediately having an elderly ragbag Parisian busker get on at the next stop and loudly honk his way through a Paris song on his accordion. 

Eating a lamb gyro (aptly named 'gyro plus') that in addition to everything that normally comes included with a gyro, also had french fries packed inside!

Notre Dame is without a doubt the most beautiful and ornate building I've ever seen. 

Used the most mysterious toilet in the world.  It had no hole for waste to go into, just this little receptical - I think that after you're finished the capsule seals itself up and sends in a deluge of water.

Lunch was purchased at a tiny store: loaf of bread, cheese, meat.  Consumed on a bench in the Jardin du Plantes next to two girls who were clearly enjoying l'after soiree to conclude their saturday night. 

There's design everywhere here - which is really awesome.  The airport is epic. 

Alex is going to love sleeping very much tonight.  

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Anonymous said...

me = hideously jealous!

have fun!