Sunday, April 27, 2008


ok gang, sorry for the lack of updates.  We somehow exposed ourselves to a virus that was unknown to the context of our biologies, and WHAMM-O... the flu!  Both Shannon and I have been fairly out of commission for the past few days.  We're now in Berlin, and I think we're on the mend.  

Word to the wise, kids:  be as healthy as humanly possible before going to Paris, a beautiful city it is, but it is not a good place to be sick

Berlin, however, is kind of like a breath of fresh air after all that nonsense.  It's open, bright, fresh and quiet!

And television in Berlin makes Paris its bitch for real. 


Tad said...

Dude, Berlin is the shit.

Rumor has it that the University Hospital (the one right on the river Spree) has a freak museum left over from the ol' Communist days, with two headed babies or something. Supposedly you have to be a medical student to visit, but you could probably BS your way through that.

It was always closed when we tried to go though...

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