Wednesday, May 03, 2006

On other Disney Pals

So while we were walking around with Pal Mickey, I couldn't stop thinking about what Disney could do with the OTHER characters as theme park guides. So check it out:

Pal Donald
Pal Donald demands you take him where he wants to go, and when you, he starts yelling incomprehensible duck-ese at you and punches you in the mouth.

Pal Goofy
Pal Goofy is always lost, and when you ask him what to do, he just goes, 'Heeeeyuck!' or 'Well I don't know, Pal! How bout we just go over there to whatever ride's closest. ' or he just constantly makes you take him to restaurants and candy stores.

Pal Launchpad McQuack
I just added this for fun, I don't really have a joke for this one.

1 comment:

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