Tuesday, March 07, 2006

VH1 Loves Everything

Hello, everyone. So the first news I should probably throw out there is that I am actually, officially, for the first time in nine years, unemployed. So, like any normal red blooded American, I was spending my first day of unemployment watching television (and working out with Yourself!Fitness, with my new close, personal, digital friend Maya) and I saw that VH1's new show 'I Love Toys' was on. Now, I received an email late last night from Casey, telling me that some of the eMerchandise t-shirts were being shown. So I watched, pause button in hand, quick on the trigger to capture this precious moment forever. So here it is, VH1's homage to http://www.eMerchandise.com (except with no gracious plug.)

I gotta admit I am pretty amused seeing my t-shirt template on snarky VH1 talking heads. Not sure if they ACTUALLY HAVE PERMISSION to use that image, but hey -- I'm no lawyer. I'm just a snarky guy watching snarky guys on VH1. Anyway, it's kind of interesting that this comes to pass the day most of us are laid off. It's like the universe is either smiling or laughing at us. Either way, I guess the universe is happy.


Anonymous said...

one of my acquaintances at college has that gumby shirt, he wears it all the effin' time.

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